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Hello and welcome to the 757TransFamily

Congratulations on being part of the change. You have created a space where your child feels loved and safe enough to be honest with you about what is going on in their life. This is such a special time for you and your child.

757TransFamily is here to support you and give you as much information as we can about how to support your gender-diverse child. 

There are two ways we can reach out to you. 

First, you can fill out the quick information form to the right to receive updates about us. This will be a once-a-month short newsletter with event and resource updates. 

The second way is to fill out the longer form below. This form will tell us a little about you and your child, so we can reach out to you directly and answer any questions you might have and help you gather any resources you may need to help you support your child. 

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Would you like to talk? Did your child just come out to you as transgender or non-binary and you just need someone to talk to about it? It is understandable if things are a little overwhelming right now. I have been there too.

Let's chat.

If you would like for someone to reach out to talk to you and answer any questions you might have, fill out the form at the link below to tell us a little more about you and your gender-diverse child(ren). We will reach out to you via email within the week. Through the email we can schedule a time to talk in person, on the phone, or over zoom. 

Tell us about you and your child(ren)

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